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Grigg Enterprises, Inc.

PO Box 2348

Pasco, WA  99301

(509) 547-0566

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Grigg’s  got is beginning in 1938, when Mr. And Mrs. Charles G. Grigg moved from Faulkton, South Dakota, to Pasco.  They opened a small store at 114 S. 4th St in Pasco, where they sold furniture, appliances, and general merchandise.

In the early 1940’s, Mr. Grigg built a new and larger store, consisting of 12,000 square feet at the corner of 7th and Lewis St in Pasco.  Immediately after World War II, the store was enlarged to 24,000 square feet.

In 1956 Mr. Grigg returned to the business world after an illness by opening a unique operation in the old Masonic Temple building at 2nd Avenue in Pasco to handle bankrupt and distressed merchandise.  It became the largest operation of its type in the Pacific Northwest. The business experienced considerable growth.  And in 1959, with the opening of the new building consisting of 10,000 square feet of floor space, moved to it’s present location at 7th and Columbia Street in Pasco.

In 1961, 14,999 square feet were added to the existing store.  At this time, the ownership and management of the business was turned over to Mr. Grigg’s son, Charles F. Grigg.  Their store was designed and merchandised to reflect a self-service type, general department store image.

By 1963 a 28,000 square foot addition was completed, bringing the total to 52,000 square feet!  The variety and selection of merchandise had increased to present a whopping 26 departments for the area consumers.

In 1964 Grigg’s purchased a furniture store located in their original building on Lewis St, and absorbed this operation into their existing business.

There was one more dream of expansion to be realized by the Grigg family, but in October 1967, before it could be completed, Mr. Grigg Sr passed away.  Charles F. Grigg went ahead with the expansion plans in 1968, bringing the total amount of square footage to a staggering 160,000 square feet, all under one roof!  A warehouse and anex building brought the building complex to 195,000 square feet.  The largest home owned and independent retailer in the northwest!  

In 1969, Grigg’s began their affiliation with Ace Hardware.

Since the 1970’s the Grigg family has owned and operated department stores in Milton Freewater Oregon: Two furniture stores, one in Richland and one in Yakima: two family clothing stores in Spokane, and an Outlet store in Yakima.  In the 1990’s all of the branch stores were closed to concentrate on the Tri-City area.

In 2004, the Grigg family opened Richland Ace Hardware and Sporting Goods on George Washington Way in Richland.  It was one of the most successful openings in Ace Hardware history.

In March of 2007, the Ace Hardware on Keene Road opened with 22,000+ square feet of hardware, garden, sporting goods, and much more.  This store also broke Ace Hardware records when it opened!

We are looking forward for more to come in the Tri-Cities!

Charles F. Grigg & Charlie Grigg