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Used Firearms

Due to many requests from our customers, we now consign and take in partial trade, select firearms at Griggs.

Why Trade or Consign?

By consigning your firearm with us, you are afforded the best opportunity to sell your gun at   

       the best price to someone who is legally allowed to possess it.

These are just a few reasons our customers have mentioned.

We can offer exposure to a wide variety of customers via our store, web site, and newsprint.

Safe and secure. You don’t have to invite the public to your home!

We have the advertising means to move your firearm!

Will We Consider Your Firearm?

Sure we will! A few things to consider however. The maximum trade value we will currently offer is $500. The maximum consignment value is $999. We have to determine if your trade or consignment consideration fit’s into out customer base demands. You have to be the legal owner of the firearm and it has to have a clean background, law enforcement and ATF will lock you up if it was used in a crime or is stolen! And most important, we both have to agree that the deal is fair.

When Can You Look At My Firearm?

We suggest you call ahead and make an appointment to bring your firearm in for a quote. Call 547-0566 and ask for Griggs Sports department. You may also drop your firearm off when convenient and we will look it over and give you call. However, feel free to shop our new inventory ahead of time so you know what you might want to make a trade on.

How We Trade or Consign?

We use the Blue Book of Gun Values,  For a trade, we simply discount what we feel the gun will sell for by some percentage (typically 20-30% depending on the gun and whether you are selling or trading) in order to determine a wholesale value we are willing give on a trade or consignment transaction. You will find that under this system you receive significantly better sale/trade-in value than when utilizing a typical used gun dealer such as a pawn shop. Our current consignment fee is 20% or a minimum of  $40.

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